About Us


The BG TOOLS brand represents standards of innovation, quality, and real value to customers.
BG TOOLS brand reflect the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years in developing advanced tools and storage solutions. Our product line includes a range of plastic toolboxes and organizers of various sizes. Our vision is to build the BG TOOLS brand as a leading brand in the field.

Who we are?

Tefenplast has been manufacturing plastic products from 1984. The company is owned by the Ben Gigi family. The factory is located in the Tefen industrial area in the Upper Galilee in Israel.

What is our specialty

Manufacturing of plastic products

Tefenplast manufactures injection molded plastic products from technical polymers and works with all raw materials, in compliance with customer requirements and product needs. With over 30 years of experience, Tefenplast is among Israel’s oldest and leading companies in the field of development and manufacture of plastic products and has created a plastic industry that serves a variety of industries.

Tefenplast manufactures an extremely broad range of plastic solutions, including Turn-Key solutions which are carried out from the design stage upto the packaging and marketing stages of the product. The company’s factory employs more than 200 employees working in three shifts over five-and-a-half days a week so that the production processes are efficient, fast and professional. The company’s staff leads the production process from A to Z and the customer enjoys the highest levels of service and maximum availability.

The flexibility of the production process provides great added value to our customers with better response times, availability, serviceability and high cost saving by modifying existing molds rather than producing new ones.

Alongside the production of plastic products by injection molding or the production of plastic models, Tefenplast offers the customer complementary and diverse solutions including assemblies, soldering, printing, industrial painting, packaging, storage, transport, etc.

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